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20 April 2012


TOP OFF!!!!!!
This only means my imminent departure from being the one writing you all these awesome functional and elite workouts every day, and providing you with unique advice on life you would never get from anybody else who cared less than me. For that, I fully expect to be showered in flowers and chocolate and given a ticker tape parade at the conclusion of my term. I will be writing my final thesis on my time as Falcon CrossFit blogger in the next few days and introduce, to you, our new blogger who I have hand picked to mimic my awesomeness and take this club to the next level.

Weighted Pull-up 

"You're Going to Miss Me"
Power Clean (155#)
Handstand Pushup
KB Swing (2pd)


...And someday, I hope to be this awesome...HEY!!! IT'S A FREE COUNTRY, I'm allowed to have unobtainable dreams.

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