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17 April 2012


Spiderman hold 10 sec (R)
Superman hold 20 sec
Spiderman hold 10 sec (L)
Superman Hold 20 sec
Pelvic Raise Hold 20 sec
Farmer Walk with 2 KB (2pd)
400 m

5 Rounds:
25m Underwater swim immediately followed by:
50 m Sprint (freestyle)
50 air squats, 50 flutter kicks (with every round, go 10 less, so 2nd round do 40 air squats, etc...)
Run 5000 m


Joke all you want about child's play, but at the end of the day this is the real deal. Realize that what we do for strength and conditioning is not a sport. It's about CrossFit, but about a philosophy we follow to ensure we are adequately, at the very least, prepared to do our job and do it well above and beyond what is expected of us. It's not about your snatch PR,  ability to do a muscle up, or your Fran time; it's all about how much you care and never settling and being happy with your best. 

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