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13 April 2012


AHHH!!!! Friday the 13th!

At this point, you're probably wondering where is my effin workout? You're also probably wondering why I'm taking so long to write your workout. Hold on, asshole, I'm trying my best, but even a champion needs to take a sec to chill out and watch youtube videos on a Thursday night before a silver weekend.

Enough BS-ing...

5 Turkish-Get-ups (progressively getting heavier)
5 Kettlebell Thruster (one side at a time)
1 min Kettlebell Figure 8
21 Swings @ 2 Pd

20 Min AMRAP:
8 Weighted (strict) Pull-ups (2 Pd)
10 Weighted Ring Dips (90 lbs)


Hahahahahahahaha....is this guy ELITE or what?

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