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27 July 2012


Strength Day:
1) 3 Squat Snatches on the min for 10 min
2) 21-15-9 Back Squat- Rest 3 min between sets
3) 3 Shoulder Press on the min for 10 min
4) 10 min to work up to 3 rep max Bench Press
5) 5 weighted-strict pull-ups on the min for 10 min

*There is a lot of sub-maximal loading today, but there is a lot of volume. Expect to be devastatingly sore tomorrow so eat a steak, roll out, and do some light calisthenics tomorrow. 

**This should take no more than ONE HOUR so move quickly between exercises. By the end of the hour you will feel exhausted, just like after a metcon

26 July 2012


1) 5 rounds for time
5 155lb thrusters
Max Effort double-unders
Rest :30

2) Angie (For time)
100pull ups
100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats

Notes: If you have a #20 vest, wear it

25 July 2012

  • ‎120725
    Thursday we have a double metcon and friday we have a strength day...but for now...

    200m run, 400m run, 600m run*, 800m run, 600m run, 400m run, 200m run**
    *For up the ladder (After the first 200, 400 and 600) do a 1:1 work rest ratio. Rest however long it takes you to do the previous interval

    **For down the ladder (After the 800, last 600, 400, and 200) do a 2:1 work rest ratio. Rest half as long as it takes you to do the previous interval

22 July 2012

  • 120723

    1 Squat Clean every :30 for 10 min

    ... Conditioning:

    1a) 3x Max Kettlebell Snatches #1.5pood
    1b) 3x Max Ring Dips

    2) 7x(14 1-arm Dumbell Clean and Jerks alternating arms*, Shuttle Sprint**, Rest***)

    *Use as high a weight possible that allows for no breaking
    **Run from the East side of the hallway to the fountain and back (100m), then to the far wall and back (200m)
    ***1:1 work:rest ratio. If it takes 1min to do the interval, rest 1 min

20 July 2012

  • ‎120719
    1x Shoulder press on :30 every :30 for 10 min

    Row 10x400m on the 3 min interval

17 July 2012

  • ‎120718

    This is our highest volume/hardest day of the week. Tomorrow is an active recovery day and Friday will be another tough day.

    ... 5x (21 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls #115/65, 21 Ring Dips)
    Rest 3 min

    4x(20 pull ups, 30 push ups, 40 sit ups, 50 squats, rest 3 min)

  1. 120717

    Track Work:
    3x (Run 400m all out, rest 1 min, run 1000m)

    Rest enough to be fully recovered in between sets. You should be fresh for the 400m and fatigued for the 1000m

15 July 2012

  • ‎120716

    Barbell Work:
    3x3 Position Snatch on Min, Every Min for 10 min

    ... http://www.catalystathletics.com/exercises/exercise.php?exerciseID=65

    Notes: There are 90 or so squat snatches in this workout, so pick a pretty light weight. Its more about getting comfortable with the snatch movement than getting stronger.

    -3min max double unders- every time you break a set do 10 pull ups
    Rest 2 min
    -3 min max Toes To Bar- every time you break a set, do 10 push ups
    -Rest 2 min
    -3min max double unders- every time you break a set do 10 pull ups
    -Rest 2 min
    -3 min max Toes To Bar- every time you break a set, do 10 push ups

    Notes: It's a short metcon, but we will have a very hard running workout tomorrow. 1 Hour+ at the track.

10 July 2012

3 Front Squats on Min Every Min for 10 min (around 75% max)

Conditioning/ Endurance: 
3x 500m TT Row (all out efforts with unlimited rest)

...then 3x (2:00 of Burpies) with around 3 min of rest until recovered

Notes: These are all out sprint efforts so make sure your heart-rate and respiratory rate are adequately recovered before the next interval.

Don't worry about the lack of volume, you will get it tomorrow

09 July 2012


I haven't done a traditional amrap or rft in a while, but this is a really interesting pairing from the games programming. I guarantee that this combo will surprise you.

Also, I would like to point out that my programming over the last couple of weeks looks strikingly similar to the team portion of the CrossFit games programming. Hmmmmmmm...

AMRAP in 12
5 315# Deadlifts
10 Overhead Squats #95
15 Pull Ups

4:800m run on 6 min interval

Notes: Every 6 min start a new interval. First one should start at 0:00, next at 6:00, next at 12:00 and final one at 18:00

04 July 2012


Work on stuff you are bad at for at least 10 min

Notes: Handstand Walks/Push Ups/Holds...L-Sits...Ring Work...ext. 

5 min amrap Burpie/Sprint Wall Jumps
Rest 5 min
5 min amrap Burpie/Sprint Wall Jumps
Rest 3 Min
3 min amrap (5xDumbell Snatch #100, 20 air squats)
1 min rest
3 min amrap (5x Dumbell Snatch #100, 20 air squats)

Notes: Find a wall about chest height. Do a 20m sprint to the wall, perform a burpie and jump over the wall. Run 20m from the wall and 20m back then perform a burpie and climb over the wall ext. 

There is nowhere to hide on these workouts. You should be moving constantly for all the amraps, they are all out sprints

24 June 2012



OHS #115, Burpies

Note: This is a very fast workout...go unbroken if you think you can. If you know you can go unbroken, focus on speed and cutting down transition time.

10x(200m Sprint, Rest 2 min)

21 June 2012

This week, you've had some deadly metcons, 2 endurance days, and some skill work...time for some strength....

Strength Day:

-3 Back Squats On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min
-3 Front Squats On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min
-3 Overhead Squats On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min

Rest 10 min

-3 Shoulder Presses On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min
-3 Push Presses On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min
-3 Push Jerks On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min

18 June 2012



1) 5 rounds for total run time and total reps of:

Sprint 200m
ME UB Thrusters @ 155/105#

Rest 1:1

Notes: ME = Max Effort. UB = Unbroken. Take no more than 15 sec. after the run to pick up the barbell. Once the barbell is in the front rack the set begins. The goal is do do as many reps as possible, each round, without dropping the bar. Once the BB drop below the front rack the set is over. Resting in the front rack or overhead is acceptable, anything or anywhere else is not.

2) 4 rounds for total working time (not including C2B) and total reps of C2B:

50 Double-Unders
10 Push Jerks @ 135/95#
*Rest 30 seconds before C2B.

ME UB C2B Pullups
*Rest 1 minute before starting next round.

13 June 2012



-AMRAP in 5 min (3x225lb Deadlift- 10 Burpies)

-Rest 5 min

-AMRAP in 5 min (5x115lb Hang Power Snatch-5 Double Shot Wallballs)

-Rest 5 Min

-AMRAP in 5 min (3x225lb Deadlift- 10 Burpies)

- Rest 5 Min

- AMRAP in 5 min (5x 115lb Hang Power Snatch- 5 Double Shot Wallballs)

*Note: These should be 100% all out efforts. It is a sprint interval workout, just like a 1 mile run or a 750m swim

**Note: http://crossfitbirmingham.ning.com/video/double-squat-wall-ball-shots

***Note: This workout sucks

1x Back Squat On the Minute, Every Min for 15min 
(First 5 min @ 85% of 1RM, 2nd 5 min @ 90% of 1RM, 3rd 5min @ 95% of 1RM)

Endurance: Row 5k

11 June 2012

120612 Gymnastics Day


On the rings
1a) 3x10 skin the cats
1b) 3x10 ice cream makers
1c) 3x10 sec L-Hold
1d) 3x15 Toes through Rings

Not on the rings
2) 3x Max Handstand Push-Ups with as much rest as necessary

3) As many shoulder touches as possible in 3 min

*Note: http://bit.ly/KyAqao
**Note: You should do one set of 1a then one set of 1b, 1c,1d then rotate 2 more times through


5x (15 KB Swing "Highest weight possible while going unbroken", 200m spring) on the 3 min interval

*Note: Start each round of work every 3 min (i.e. start intervals on 0:00, 3:00, 6:00 ext)

**Note: These should be absolute all out sprints...there's plenty of rest time built in
We will be departing the normal outlaw programming for the next couple of weeks because it requires equipment we do not possess at our gym and most of you don't have access to over break.



3 Hang Squat Cleans On the Minute, Every Minute for 10 min (This should be heavy enough that you fail on the 8th or 9th min, but are still able to finish the workout)


4x(Run 400m, 15 OHS #115)

07 June 2012

WOD 120607


Run Tabata 2 Mile: 20seconds on:10 seconds rest repeated until you have run 2 miles.

**Keep repeating the 20:10 work:rest cycle until the entire distance is accomplished. There are no rests other than the 10 seconds after every interval

24 May 2012

Took this from Outlaw Crossfit. Should be a good workout using the resources we currently have in the room.

1X20 Back Squat

Notes: This should be a maximal UNBROKEN set. If you completed all 20 reps last week, add approximately 5% this week. If you were close to completing all 20 reps (15-19), use the same weight. If you weren’t close (10-14), take off 5%.


For time:

50 Mountain Climbers
15 OHS 115/75#
50 Mountain Climbers
12 OHS 115/75#
50 Mountain Climbers
9 OHS 115/75#
50 Mountain Climbers

22 May 2012

Ready for some CARDIO??

Buy In: how you would like and do 3 rounds of 5 reps with a lift you want to work on

8 Rounds
400m run
5x burpee jumps
10x lunges
15x situps

Cash Out: Stretch

21 May 2012

12 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Clean & Push Jerk.
For time:
30 Box Jumps 24/20″
20 Deadlifts 275/185#
30 T2B
20 Lateral Burpees
30 V-Ups
20 Power Cleans 135/95#
30 Alternating Pistols
20 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″

20 May 2012

12 minutes to establish a 2RM Snatch Balance.
3 rounds for time of:
50 Double-Unders
25 Burpees
25 Ab-Mat Situps

17 May 2012

All our bars should be back in the room today! yay!
Buy In- Work with PVC pipe
5X1 Power Clean & Push Jerk @ 75% (of max Clean any style) – rest 60 sec.
WOD-                                                     3 rounds for total reps of:
ME UB Perfectly Vertical KBS 24/16kg
ME UB Thrusters 115/75#

*Rest as needed between movements, but there is a 20 minute total cap.
Cash out-Stretch and skill. Identify flaws in your movements during the WOD and use PVC to practice proper form
CONGRATS to all the 2013'ers getting their rings tonight! Have a fun weekend and get ready to hit the gym hard monday....:)

16 May 2012


So this weekend I got my Level 1 Crossfit Certfification along with Chandler Bishop and Tara Harris. I learned alot to say the least and have been working on a comprehensive program for the summer. Basically I want to combine endurance, strength and speed. This is the recipe that makes Crossfit Games and regional athletes. So I have three days on 1 day off workout plan for the summer. I am open to your input and suggestions especially if you are following the programming. Most of it was inspired by Outlaw Crossfit, an affiliate that has produced the most games athletes!

Buy In-400m run, 25 Jumping Jacks, 20 slow air squats

Strength : 3 rounds, 3 reps Tempo High-Bar Back Squats @ 70% – rest 75 sec. 
WOD: For time
Run 400m

3 rounds of the BB complex

5 Deadlifts 115/75#

5 Hang Power Cleans 115/75#
5 Push Jerks 115/75#
Run 400m
2 rounds of the BB complex 
Run 400m
1 round of the BB complex

Cash out-Stretch!

04 May 2012

Get ready for one of the "girls" tomorrow!! :)

Buy in: 2 Rounds

10 Burpees
15 Jumping alternating lunges
20 Double-unders
25 yard Shuttle sprint (5 x 5 yards)
Rest 90 seconds

 WOD: 5 Rounds

Row 300 meters
20 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
10 Pull-ups

Cash Out-Stretch and Skill Work

Happy Friday!

03 May 2012

Sorry about the lack of posts this week. Tests, projects and preparing for finals has cut into my time , its so bad I didn't even workout since Monday! I put together a great WOD that is going to test endurance, strength and stamina!

Here it is:


Run 1 mile with weight vest
100 squats
Run 1 mile
100 sit ups
Run 1 mile


3-3-3 Front squat
3-3-3 Clean and Jerk


AMRAP in 12 minutes
10 Bar facing burpees
10 Overhead squats
10 Kettle bell swings
10 Push Press

Cash Out-

Abs and stretch

30 April 2012

So since the cadet gym is closed for construction we are going to have to get creative in our workouts. For those of you who did the Falcon 50, REST! For now I am going to post running workouts and workouts you can do in your stairwell. For those of you who can get to the other gyms on and off base I will post a WOD.


Run a 5k for time, then run 1 mile with a 20lb weight vest. I reccommend bodyrocktv.com for cardio, pushups and abs workouts you can do in your room. You can pick one 12 minitue workout and 2 bonus workouts

For those of you going to the gym:

Buy In- 

Use PCV pipe to work on skill for a lift you want to improve on, gradually add a bar and weight. Focus on form not weight. Do 5-5-5 reps once you feel you have worked up to a good weight.
Run 800m and do an active warm up of stretching.


10 Handstand push-ups
250/185 Deadlift, 15 reps
25 Box jumps, 30 inch box
25 Pull-ups
50 Wallball shots, 20/14 pounds, 10'
200 Double-unders
Run 400 meters with a 45/35lb plate

Cash out-


27 April 2012

If you have been following these workouts you are probably still hurting pretty bad. Here’s a quick workout you can do, its Friday but stay motivated!!!

Buy In-     
Jump rope
15 Ohs use comfortable weight 
15 Good mornings


Run 800 meters
Snatch, 30 reps
Run 800 meters

Cash out-                                      HAPPY FRIDAY!

25 April 2012


Buy In-

4 rounds
100m Row
15 V-ups


Three rounds for time of:
165 pound Front squat, 5 reps
18 Pull-ups
225 pound Deadlift, 5 reps
18 Toes-to-bar
165 pound Push jerk, 5 reps
18 Hand-release push-ups
Post time to comments.

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Corporal Philip P. Clark, 19, of Gainesville, Florida, assigned to 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force, based in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, died on May 18, 2010, while supporting combat operations in Helmand province, Afghanistan. He is survived by his wife, Ashton, father Mike and stepmother Tammy, mother Rosmari Kruger, and brothers Tyler, Kyle and Ryan Nordyke.

Cash out-  50 Seconds on 10 Seconds off 3 rounds
                    1) Sit Up & Oblique Twist Overhead Abs With Medicine Ball 
                    2) 3 Touch Abs – Center, Side, Center
                    3) Sitting Tuck Abs
                    4) Plank, lift arm on each side
                    5) Plank, kick each leg out, one at a time
                    6) Combine exercises 5 and 6

24 April 2012


Today we are introducing a movement that might be new for alot of you, Curtis Power Cleans. Basically you do a power clean, lunge with each leg and then press it overhead. 

Buy In-            21-15-9 Double Unders and Weighted Sit-ups (use medicine ball)

ROM Drills- 3 Rounds HSPU, and 3x50m shuttle run

25 minutes
4x Curtis Power Cleans- (115/95#)
5xdumbell snatch (35/25# on each side)
6x dive bomber push-ups

Optional durability: Moderate paced 5k

Cash out-Stretch!

                         If your arms don't look like this after double unders you weren't trying!!!!

23 April 2012

Happy Monday Everyone! I am Meredith the new blogger, I am going to be working with Sammy Byrne on this, he is an amazing Crossfitter and together we  will try to live up to Lance's elite-ness, functional-ness and humor!!! So a little but about me.... I have been Crossfitting for a year and started at the Crossfit Kids headquarters at Brand X in Ramona California and now I am a member of the Falcon Crossfit Team. Ever since then I have been addicted to Crossfit and will be getting me level one cert in May! So with all that said here is the workout for today!

Buy in-                                        4 Rnds
                                                 100 m row (70% effort)
                                        3 kb snatches per arm (20-30 pounds)
                                                        15 hollow rocks

Strength-                           Deadlift Ladder 5-5-5

WOD-                           Four rounds for time of:
                                                     Run 400 meters
                                          95 pound Thruster, 15 reps
                                                         15 Pull-up

Cashout-                                    Stretch!

                And here is the inspiring picture of the day!!!!