Home of the United States Air Force Academy CrossFit Team & Club

18 June 2012



1) 5 rounds for total run time and total reps of:

Sprint 200m
ME UB Thrusters @ 155/105#

Rest 1:1

Notes: ME = Max Effort. UB = Unbroken. Take no more than 15 sec. after the run to pick up the barbell. Once the barbell is in the front rack the set begins. The goal is do do as many reps as possible, each round, without dropping the bar. Once the BB drop below the front rack the set is over. Resting in the front rack or overhead is acceptable, anything or anywhere else is not.

2) 4 rounds for total working time (not including C2B) and total reps of C2B:

50 Double-Unders
10 Push Jerks @ 135/95#
*Rest 30 seconds before C2B.

ME UB C2B Pullups
*Rest 1 minute before starting next round.

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