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24 June 2012



OHS #115, Burpies

Note: This is a very fast workout...go unbroken if you think you can. If you know you can go unbroken, focus on speed and cutting down transition time.

10x(200m Sprint, Rest 2 min)

21 June 2012

This week, you've had some deadly metcons, 2 endurance days, and some skill work...time for some strength....

Strength Day:

-3 Back Squats On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min
-3 Front Squats On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min
-3 Overhead Squats On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min

Rest 10 min

-3 Shoulder Presses On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min
-3 Push Presses On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min
-3 Push Jerks On the Min. Every Min For 5 Min

18 June 2012



1) 5 rounds for total run time and total reps of:

Sprint 200m
ME UB Thrusters @ 155/105#

Rest 1:1

Notes: ME = Max Effort. UB = Unbroken. Take no more than 15 sec. after the run to pick up the barbell. Once the barbell is in the front rack the set begins. The goal is do do as many reps as possible, each round, without dropping the bar. Once the BB drop below the front rack the set is over. Resting in the front rack or overhead is acceptable, anything or anywhere else is not.

2) 4 rounds for total working time (not including C2B) and total reps of C2B:

50 Double-Unders
10 Push Jerks @ 135/95#
*Rest 30 seconds before C2B.

ME UB C2B Pullups
*Rest 1 minute before starting next round.

13 June 2012



-AMRAP in 5 min (3x225lb Deadlift- 10 Burpies)

-Rest 5 min

-AMRAP in 5 min (5x115lb Hang Power Snatch-5 Double Shot Wallballs)

-Rest 5 Min

-AMRAP in 5 min (3x225lb Deadlift- 10 Burpies)

- Rest 5 Min

- AMRAP in 5 min (5x 115lb Hang Power Snatch- 5 Double Shot Wallballs)

*Note: These should be 100% all out efforts. It is a sprint interval workout, just like a 1 mile run or a 750m swim

**Note: http://crossfitbirmingham.ning.com/video/double-squat-wall-ball-shots

***Note: This workout sucks

1x Back Squat On the Minute, Every Min for 15min 
(First 5 min @ 85% of 1RM, 2nd 5 min @ 90% of 1RM, 3rd 5min @ 95% of 1RM)

Endurance: Row 5k

11 June 2012

120612 Gymnastics Day


On the rings
1a) 3x10 skin the cats
1b) 3x10 ice cream makers
1c) 3x10 sec L-Hold
1d) 3x15 Toes through Rings

Not on the rings
2) 3x Max Handstand Push-Ups with as much rest as necessary

3) As many shoulder touches as possible in 3 min

*Note: http://bit.ly/KyAqao
**Note: You should do one set of 1a then one set of 1b, 1c,1d then rotate 2 more times through


5x (15 KB Swing "Highest weight possible while going unbroken", 200m spring) on the 3 min interval

*Note: Start each round of work every 3 min (i.e. start intervals on 0:00, 3:00, 6:00 ext)

**Note: These should be absolute all out sprints...there's plenty of rest time built in
We will be departing the normal outlaw programming for the next couple of weeks because it requires equipment we do not possess at our gym and most of you don't have access to over break.



3 Hang Squat Cleans On the Minute, Every Minute for 10 min (This should be heavy enough that you fail on the 8th or 9th min, but are still able to finish the workout)


4x(Run 400m, 15 OHS #115)

07 June 2012

WOD 120607


Run Tabata 2 Mile: 20seconds on:10 seconds rest repeated until you have run 2 miles.

**Keep repeating the 20:10 work:rest cycle until the entire distance is accomplished. There are no rests other than the 10 seconds after every interval