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30 November 2011


Taking you into December:

Clean (135#/95#)
Ring Dips

I'm on a oly lifting kick, because I had a recent resurgence in Oly lifting in my life, so expect many more WODs incorporating Some kind of Oly lift.

23 November 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!

I'll be home chowing on my favorite bird

20 November 2011

Monday 11.21.2011

4 RFT:

30 seconds ea. exercise:
-Handstand hold

Your Score is the total amount of time taken to complete 4 Rnds.


Solid weekend for the Combat Conditioning Team at the Turkey Challenge at MBS Crossfit

7th out of 23 teams!

18 November 2011

Finally Friday...11.18.11


Find Max Snatch

Work Capacity:

Thruster (95#)
evens: pullups
odds: burpees


KB swing (2 pd)
Knees to elbow

3x 250 m row sprint (AFAP)
1 min rest in between

Tabata Push-ups( 5 Rnds)

Wu- 9:30 for work capacity

Some of you might think this is overkill. And it very well might be. I found out last week that I got invited to Phase II ALO selection in December. Time to get in candidate shape.

You know what that means...

And this is my Jam for the next month...

I'll keep y'all up to date.

15 November 2011

Wednesday 11.16.11

Warm-up: 5x1 Thruster--Try to reach your max thruster

Work Capacity:
5 RFT--
200 M sandbag run
5 sandbag snatches
10 burpees

Fabian--10:51 Wu--11:20 Perkins--11:55 Dean--12:15

Cool Down: Ring dip ladder or Tabata Push-ups x3

14 November 2011

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Tuesday 11.15.11

Dennison’s Domination

West Gym

As many rounds the following in 10 min:

-15 Pull ups

-30 Iron abs

-25 Incline Push ups

-10 (each leg) Lunge Jumps

-Bear Crawl

Weight Room (pick an appropriate weight)

As many rounds the following in 10 min:

-20 Squat Thrusters

-10 (each direction) Hip-to-Hip

-20 Weighted Flutter Kicks

-30 Russian twists

-Tunnel Run


-Max Pull ups + 5 assisted

-Max handstand push ups (min 5)

-2:30 minutes of wall sit

This article was written shortly after his death, and gives great insight to him as a great American hero.

A 24-year-old soldier from Ijamsville who married his West Point college sweetheart was killed in combat Wednesday in Iraq, according to his family.

1st Lt. John Ryan Dennison died after suffering two gunshot wounds during fighting east of Baghdad, his family said. The Department of Defense has not publicly announced his death. Lieutenant Dennison, the eldest son of Army parents, was a fiercely competitive athlete and a determined soldier who reveled in every challenge, said his mother, Shannon Dennison.

"He had to be wherever the challenge was; he always had to do things on the edge," she said. "And he always had to do things his way."

So it was no surprise when "Ryan," as he was called by his family, became a star on the wrestling and football teams at Urbana High School, despite being a slight 165 pounds.

Or when he was accepted to the elite skydiving team at
U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Or when, several years ago, he decided to run the grueling John F. Kennedy 50-mile race through Western Maryland.

"He just did everything 110 percent," his mother said. "He played hard; he did sports hard, and he did his studies hard."

Lieutenant Dennison played offensive guard on the Frederick County high school's varsity football team when the school won back-to-back state championships in 1998 and 1999. Throughout his football career at Urbana, he never played in a losing game, said his father, Jack Dennison.

Hanging on his bedroom wall was a poster emblazoned with a quote by football legend
Vince Lombardi: "Expect to Win."

And that's how he approached life.

After graduating from Urbana in 2000, Lieutenant Dennison went to West Point, where he majored in international relations and became a history buff, taking a keen interest in the Civil War.

He was accepted onto the academy's skydiving team and became its president his senior year.

"Getting into skydiving was like getting into a fraternity," said Jack Dennison. "He was a risk-taker. He had very little fear and to my knowledge, he rarely showed it."

Though he was known for his focus and dedication, Lieutenant Dennison had a fun-loving side and had many friends, who considered him the life of the party, said his mother.

"When Ryan was in the game, he had a game face and was absolutely serious," said his father. "But when it came time to relax, he relaxed."

Lieutenant Dennison met his wife, Haley Dennison, also 24, in a philosophy course at West Point and proposed to her their junior year. They married in July 2004, a month after graduating from West Point.

The newlyweds took a honeymoon cruise around the Mediterranean shortly before being forced to part ways for officer training that fall.

Their respective training courses kept them apart for several months, but the couple reunited in the spring 2005 when both were stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., where they bought a house and became active members of their church.

Though both were raised religiously - he as a Catholic and she as a Baptist - the Dennisons deepened their faith as a couple. Lieutenant Dennison read the Bible every day, his parents said.

The couple would be forced to separate again when Haley Dennison was deployed to
Afghanistan in March. This summer, it was Lieutenant Dennison's turn to be deployed, first to Kuwait, then Iraq.

A platoon leader in a cavalry regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division, Lieutenant Dennison viewed serving in Iraq as the ultimate test of everything he had trained for in life, said Shannon Dennison.

"He wanted to go; he was excited to go; he wanted the chance to lead," she said. "It was sort of the culmination of all the training. It was his moment."

Lieutenant Dennison's wife is expected to return from Afghanistan soon, said Jack Dennison.

"She's devastated," he said. "They were very much in love. I think they were an ideal couple. Her mother said to me today that they were so perfect, that no one thought anything like this would happen."

Services had not been arranged as of last night, the family said.

In addition to his wife and parents, Lieutenant Dennison is survived by a brother, Christopher Dennison, and a sister, Colleen Dennison.

13 November 2011

Monday 11.13.11

Congrats to Garrett Dean and MSgt Kiewicz on his Level I Certification--his first program!!!

AMRAP 15 min
Ring Dips x 10
Push Jerk x 3 (155#)
Row 500m

11 November 2011


Go AF ...Beat the Cowboys!

"Death by Double Under"
Do 10 double unders on the first minute
and go up until you cannot make the cut.

After that...

30 burpees
max DL attempt

10 November 2011

Veterans Day, 11.11.11

In Honor of Veterans Day, Do a Hero WOD of your choice.

Do it with the intensity and pride that would do these heroes proud.


09 November 2011

Thursday 11.10.11

"Mixed Up"

Warm up: Tabata Wall ball shots/ burpees (5 RNDs) 70%

Work Capacity:

Draw 2 Cards: First card--if black, do tabata, if red, do for reps
Second card--# of rounds, if greater than 10, then divide by 2

Draw 4 cards-- Clubs= calorie row
Hearts= thrusters (95#/65#)
Diamonds=KB swing (1.5 pd/1 pd)

# on card is # of reps if doing for reps.


Scores from the competition will be posted. If you have memories to share (photos/videos), please send them to c12lance.wu@usafa.edu or put them in my folder on the k drive under //cadet wing/group 1/CS-10/2012/wu/crossfit.

Black vs. Blue Game T-shirts for sale. First come, first serve.

They are very comfy, in fact, I wore one during the competition, except when I was trying to show off how yoked I am. All joking aside, contact MSgt Kiewicz if you are interested. $10.

08 November 2011


Seven Rnds:

35 Double Unders

Max Snatch attempt

Post Times and weights

04 November 2011

Still Active

Hey All,

Just wanted to let anybody know who reads this, that we are indeed active. I apologize if no one has responded to your emails, but we recently had a change in site admin from Senior Farlee to me--Lance. Please feel free contact me about anything.

For everyone's edification, let me answer a few questions that I've been asked.

Can you tell us how your program/team/affiliate is run? As somebody that has already been through the process, do you have any advice for us?
We operate on club status with coordination from the athletic department for a facility to use. It's not the biggest or prettiest box, but it gets the job done for most WODs. My best advice is look for an officer/NCO/permanent party sponsor, and work with them to figure out what you need to put together a functional club.

Do you have classes? If so, when and where?
We do not have classes, but there are multiple group workouts a week at 0550 at the cadet fieldhouse in Clune Arena.

Who is allowed to participate?
Cadets are allowed to join by registering with C2C Fabian. Officers stationed at or near USAFA please contact either our email, falconcrossfit@gmail.com, or contact MSgt Kiewicz or TSgt Shanahan.

If there are any more questions, please feel free to comment or shoot me an email.

Also, like us on Facebook.

03 November 2011



For time:

Run 1 mile

Row 2000 M

Run 1 mile

Kitchen WOD...Yummmmmm

A mobility WOD For all our cadets participating in the AP screener today

Debunking some Myths

Crossfit finally made Men's Health!

Something I've been hearing a lot lately is that Crossfit is a "cult", and this is kind of concerning.

Yes, I will admit there are some crazy health nuts that go EXTREME with Paleo, and there are some videos of insane studs blowing WODs out of the water with some questionable form from a moility standpoint.

Let's examine some of the claims the author makes.

" No mirrors, no machines to isolate muscles, no stationary bikes, no display cases full of expensive powders and bars"
"You have to abandon whatever ideas you had about fitness being a linear pursuit toward a measurable goal—whether it's strength, size, or weight loss. Traditionally we're told to first define a goal, then find a program designed to reach the goal, and finally work toward a series of adaptations that will bring us closer to that goal. If you want to grow stronger, for example, your traditional program should help you increase your strength incrementally over time."

Yes, I will admit, its a bit of a culture shock walking into a Crossfit gym for the first time. Not a lot of clanking of dumbbells or yoked juicers here. But consider this: the goal of Crossfit is fundamentally different than any kind of weightlifting program because it is a conditioning philosophy. This is the hardest concept to wrap your head around sometimes. The goal is not some succinct image of body composition or appearance. There is no magic weight loss number, or desired body appearance (six-pack, big biceps) that we are trying to reach. Instead, the goal is approaching an asymptotic goal of overall fitness which encompasses mobility, cardiovascular finesse, strength, and overall health and wellness. This is where people go too far with calling it a cult. It is a lifestyle of health that we choose to strive for, not a fitness regime or a cult.

there's one thing every non-CrossFit-affiliated expert I spoke with agrees on, it's this: CrossFit's one-size-fits-all methods are flawed, perhaps dangerously so

Yes, if you are being incorrectly taught the fundamentals, you will get hurt. But, as any non-Crossfit-affiliate expert doesn't know, a class does not encompass just powering through a WOD. Show up at any gym, and an extensive amount of time is spent stretching and drilling through the movements to get the correct movement prior to doing the WOD. Now, let's consider a deeper concern of this argument here--that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach. Again, we are not trying to pidgin-hole ourselves to one end of the spectrum of fitness. Again, the idea is to achieve a holistic approach to fitness. Yes, some people will experience the benefits of snatches more than others, but allowing all to experience to benefit a diverse range of functional movements, this creates a more balanced and centralized definition of fitness.

The programming doesn't make sense from a strength-training standpoint. The reality is, a lot of guys who go to the gym want to put on some muscle.

Again, this is the wrong way to approach this. Statement is moot because crossfit has never been about getting yoked. Prolonged engagement to Crossfit will result in an increase in strength, but that is not the end goal.

If Glassman's brand of functional fitness produces better aesthetic results than the traditional approach does, why did the gelatinous bodies at my gym often outperform those who appeared to be in better shape?

Functional fitness is the key here. Just because you are fit, does not mean you have 5% body fat. Everybody's body is built differently, and just because you are "fit" looking, does not mean you have the balance to do overhead squats all day or hold a handstand for hours on end.

CrossFit WODs sometimes use Olympic lifts, like the snatch, for high repetitions when lifters are in a state of exhaustion. That worries almost everyone I interviewed.

From Catalyst Athlete: Power snatches and power cleans are often used as substitutes for the full lifts in order to reduce training intensity in general and minimize leg fatigue specifically. This might be for a taper week or a lighter training day or period. This reduces intensity and leg fatigue while keeping the athlete performing essentially the same skills.

Yes, individuals who prioritze speed over everything else may very well trade form for injuries. However, yet again, this is not the philosophy. Proper technique achieves fatigue just as easily as speed does, and watching any good performance of a WOD, you will notice good form as well as speed in spite of fatigue.

It's like a cult crossed with a pyramid scheme, and the base is always widening.
This kind of attitude is common among those raised as traditional gym rats whose weight loss who don't understand that there is more to health than increased muscle density. If Crossfit was such a fad, then first responders, police officers, fire fighters, and spec ops warriors are all wrong right?

Bottom Line: Crossfit is a lifestyle that encompasses a never ending goal fitness and health and those who are engrossed in it are generally passionate about it as a lifestyle choice, not a cult.

My counter to this article: Rather than question crossfit with the wrong kind of paradigm, how about questioning the utility and sustainability of body building?

02 November 2011


Mixing and Matching Today

7 Rnds:

3 x Clean and Jerk (135#)
6 x Box Jumps (30 in)
6 CTB Pullups

After each RND, 1 min to complete Max Snatch Attempt

Holla with your times/weights

This is something that is near and dear to my heart as I grew up with Asthma

Black and Blue Games

The format of the games will be as follows:
4 WODs--4 hours (1 per hour)--2 Teams--10 men and women of IRON

WOD 1:
You have 15 minutes to complete one station, you must complete all three stations:
-1 mile run
-3 RM Deadlift ( 1 minute to complete three attempts) 280-380 lbs
-max handstand hold (against wall)

WOD 2:
AMRAP 15 min:
3x Ground to overhead (135 M/95 W)
6x Box Jumps (36 M/30 W)
9x CTB pullups M/6x chin to bar W

WOD 3:
As a team:
AMRepsAP 30 min:
-Double Unders
-GHD situps
-Row/Max weight Snatch
-lunge jumps
-Muscle ups

WOD 4:
30 min Combat Dodgeball
Players hit must perform 10 burpees
Teams can win by either knocking out the entire opposing team (KO) or by accumulating less burpee penalties (decision).

See ya there...

New Changes

In case you missed Tuesday:

5 RFT:
Run 200 meters
20 Pull-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Push-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Sit-ups
Run 200 meters
20 Squats

Some important updates:
-New site admin (not that cool)
-The Combat Conditioning Team will be competing against Army this Saturday
WODs will be posted soon!! Stay tuned for more info... (way awesome!!)


Keep it classy,