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02 November 2011

Black and Blue Games

The format of the games will be as follows:
4 WODs--4 hours (1 per hour)--2 Teams--10 men and women of IRON

WOD 1:
You have 15 minutes to complete one station, you must complete all three stations:
-1 mile run
-3 RM Deadlift ( 1 minute to complete three attempts) 280-380 lbs
-max handstand hold (against wall)

WOD 2:
AMRAP 15 min:
3x Ground to overhead (135 M/95 W)
6x Box Jumps (36 M/30 W)
9x CTB pullups M/6x chin to bar W

WOD 3:
As a team:
AMRepsAP 30 min:
-Double Unders
-GHD situps
-Row/Max weight Snatch
-lunge jumps
-Muscle ups

WOD 4:
30 min Combat Dodgeball
Players hit must perform 10 burpees
Teams can win by either knocking out the entire opposing team (KO) or by accumulating less burpee penalties (decision).

See ya there...

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