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11 June 2012

120612 Gymnastics Day


On the rings
1a) 3x10 skin the cats
1b) 3x10 ice cream makers
1c) 3x10 sec L-Hold
1d) 3x15 Toes through Rings

Not on the rings
2) 3x Max Handstand Push-Ups with as much rest as necessary

3) As many shoulder touches as possible in 3 min

*Note: http://bit.ly/KyAqao
**Note: You should do one set of 1a then one set of 1b, 1c,1d then rotate 2 more times through


5x (15 KB Swing "Highest weight possible while going unbroken", 200m spring) on the 3 min interval

*Note: Start each round of work every 3 min (i.e. start intervals on 0:00, 3:00, 6:00 ext)

**Note: These should be absolute all out sprints...there's plenty of rest time built in

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