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04 July 2012


Work on stuff you are bad at for at least 10 min

Notes: Handstand Walks/Push Ups/Holds...L-Sits...Ring Work...ext. 

5 min amrap Burpie/Sprint Wall Jumps
Rest 5 min
5 min amrap Burpie/Sprint Wall Jumps
Rest 3 Min
3 min amrap (5xDumbell Snatch #100, 20 air squats)
1 min rest
3 min amrap (5x Dumbell Snatch #100, 20 air squats)

Notes: Find a wall about chest height. Do a 20m sprint to the wall, perform a burpie and jump over the wall. Run 20m from the wall and 20m back then perform a burpie and climb over the wall ext. 

There is nowhere to hide on these workouts. You should be moving constantly for all the amraps, they are all out sprints

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