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18 January 2012

Thursday 01.18.2012

Gym day:

EMOTM for 8 min:

3X Back Squat (245#/185#)


Death by Pull-up (1 pull up on the first minute, 2 on second, 3 on third...etc.)


Clean-Thruster Complex (135#)
Complete a Clean and Jerk, then lower the bar down to shoulder and complete three more thrusters


5 RFT:
500 m Row
25 GHD Situps

Tabata pushups (8 Rnds)
If you cannot perform a pushup, do not rest by bending back. focus on good form and steady pace


Tabata Deadlift (225#/145#)
3-4 RNDS


Great Paleo Recipe sites for Good eats that don't stretch the limits of appetite:


What does everybody think of the Reebok's push into Crossfit?

Check out more at reebok.com/fitness

Here are some interesting facts about Reebok's foray into Crossfit (borrowed from Fitbomb):
  • In April, Reebok's opening "a combined gym and store location on Fifth Avenue in New York."
  • Reebok plans to "outfit shipping containers as mobile CrossFit gyms and deliver them to 50 locations around the world, as a means of encouraging people to try CrossFit."
  • "The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived" campaign will be Reebok's main marketing push for 2012, [Reebok marketing VP Viktoria] Wallner said. It will also highlight other Reebok products, such as RealFlex, ZigTech and EasyTone." (EasyTone? As part of "The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived" campaign? Really?)
I gotta be honest...how much of this is them trying to spread the sport, and how much is good marketing to get a foothold in on the sport? Ask yourself that, next time, before you drop the $60 on the WOD shorts.

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