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19 January 2012


Strength: Work up to 3RM Deadlift

Work Capacity:

250 m row
25 KB swings (1.5 pood)
25 Double Unders


Sometimes, to get people to understand what we are trying to accomplish here, means we need to all follow our own dreams. This is an interesting read from my home box, in South Bend, Indiana. Nick Urankar, a competitor at the 2011 Games and part time coach at CFSB, decided that it was his dream to open up his own box, and has decided to part ways with Crossfit South Bend. Nonetheless, as you can tell from the post, CFSB supports Nick's decision to open his own box. The point I'm trying to make here is this: we can think of Crossfit in $$ and clients, WODs and times, but ultimately, that's not what it's about. We bond together for the common struggle to get through each WOD. We band together through shared adversity of things like Tough Mudders. We rejoice in our successes and support each other through our losses. Most of all, we promote the "sport of fitness" not as a exercise regimen, but as a lifestyle that far extends past the walls of the gym and never ends.

What does that mean for Falcon Crossfit? I'd like to see us come together for more community events such as getting the equipment we need and all want in our box. It means building a network of experts who know how to take care of themselves, perform intricate movements, and fuel their bodies. And above all, it means owning our gym in that we clean it, rack weights with pride because you brought it that day, and push each other to new heights in order to outfit our family with the fittest individuals who are ready to compete with anybody out there.

Have a great weekend bros and broettes.


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