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22 January 2012


Rest Day


If you must get up and move, use today as a prep day for our Olympic Lifting Seminar on Wednesday.

Some key observations from trying to teach Olympic Lifting:

The Pull

- the bar moves vertically (not away from your body in a centripetal path)
- people have tendency to shrug the bar more than generating momentum from hip thrust
- at the apex of the lift, your hips should be fully extended, and shoulders shrugged.
- envision yourself pulling yourself under the bar as it is going up.

The Catch

- people have a tendency to receive the bar on their wrists
- Throw elbows out high and receive the bar on your shoulders by creating a shelf
- The shelf is created by throwing your elbows out to expose shoulders

Body Posture

- A good athletic position is required to receive the bar
- Feet shoulder width or slightly wider, toes pointed outward
- weight is evenly distributed, or slightly favoring the heals
- tight back, chest out as if you were trying to chest bump
- butt is back, knees have slightest bend
- you should not be leaning back. The movement should teach power and speed--the latter coming from your ability to change posture from the extended back into this athletic position with chest out

Ground Position
-feet are shoulder width apart
-back is tight and curved outward
-arms are locked out,
- center of mass is over the bar, not in front
- weight is primarily on heals
- butt is down
- bar is over 3-4 eyelet on shoes
- initial pull is not violent (gradual acceleration of bar)

-arms are not wide enough to be locked out
- weight tends to be front centric, indicates lack of overhead mobility
- need development of overhead squat stability

In general:
- lack of core acceleration of the bar, motion is not a pull of upper body, but momentum generation from core and hip extension
- Momentum, momentum, momentum. Power and speed, not a concentric/eccentric motion.
-positioning is crucial to be able to perform movements correctly!

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