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05 January 2012

Important Message

Cadets and friends:

Great things are coming to Crossfit USAFA. First and foremost, we need your dues to keep the box open! USAFA will match dollar for dollar what you pay, meaning your $20 will become $40 for the club meaning sweet new equipment and better facilities! Please help us out.

Second, the equipment will be changing. As soon as the squat racks are cleared out of the main room, new Oly lifting platforms will be built and the current pull-up bars will be transferred over to the other room.

Finally, actual classes taught by our Level I certified instructors and competition team members will begin next week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. There are two classes a day--one at 3:45-4:45, and one from 7:30-8:30. If you are looking for a competitive environment to step up your level of performance, fun new workouts, and quality instruction to improve your skills, please come to one of our classes. Morning workouts will still be held as well.

As a final, final note, if you have any suggestions to this website, please contact me @ falconcrossfit@gmail.com. If you have questions on how to complete a movement, nutrition, equipment, mobility, or are looking for some new swag to WOD in, check out the links on the left sidebar.

Keep it classy,

Crossfit USAFA

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