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27 February 2012


First of all, if I catch you clowning around like this idiot, I will kick your narp ass, tell you how much of a douche you look like,  and boot you from the box.

Now to the workout...


Pick one of the drills to perform (or all three if you are that ELITE)

Snatch Pull Progressions:
Start your pulls from the ground and stop at your shins and just above the knees, complete the movement by finishing with a pull. Immediately follow-up the first pull with a second pull without stopping, but be cognizant of those two stopping points as points of acceleration of the bar.

Drop Heaves:

Keep in mind: you are not pushing the bar over your head, you are dropping under the bar!

Box Snatches:
*not to be performed @ max weight

Notice how we are isolating the second pull here. This is the most crucial part as this is where the bulk of your power will have to come from.

Hold a overhead squat for 10 seconds in the bottom position.
Complete 50 KB swings @ 2 pood/1.5 pood
You are focusing on opening that hip crease as you generate the power. You are not concerned with speed or time, but form. Do not let the kettlebell curve your back as it passes through your legs. 


Sorry bros and ladies, you will never be as ELITE as these little dudes

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