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16 February 2012


For Time:
150 wall ball shots for time


I was able to play around in the box today. As I mentioned last time, dips have come in handy for crutching around, but its not enough to do upper body motions. I played around with the idea of doing deadlifts with a knee on a box, as well as kettlebell swings. Pistols, pull-ups, muscle-ups and experimented with the idea of GHD sit-ups. Baby steps, people. Deadlifting 135 lbs today is nothing for me to brag about in terms of weight, but in terms of progress, I could not have been more satisfied with the outcome. It's so awesome to have so many people reach out who I know have been in the same situation as me. Thank you for all of your support. Great news from the doctor today: I should be able to put weight on my foot in 3 more weeks!

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