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20 March 2012


Bitching and complaining for 2 min about how you don't want to do this WOD
...alternate warm-up...
5 Rounds of doing tabata air squats while talking in a whiny voice

75 m handstand Walk
Every time you fall, perform 10 burpees


Ok, so check this out. I called this a long time ago, when CrossFit sold out to Reebok. 
So, short story long, when all the idiots over at marketing realized that all the hipsters that do CrossFit aren't actually dumb hardcore meathead zombies, they started trying to spread the word that it was actually a hoax. Bad move, Reetardbok. First, it is crucial to understand that marketing is about 10 years behind the curve. Hipsters will always have you on this one especially if you are trying to cater to them. It's the law of hipster supply and demand--if you supply it, the hipsters probably had it a week ago, so don't try out supply them.  Secondly, trying to play it off as a hoax was a BAAADDDDDD idea. Now, having established that, when trying to spread a viral message, don't think you can get away with LIES. The truth will always set you free.

HAHAHAhahahaHAHAHA, I can see the suiters in the boardroom right now running around in all their functional suits and brown shoes looking for heads to lop off. This is hilarious...almost to the point that I feel bad for the (now fired) marketing dudes that decided that this might even remotely be a good idea.

Oh yeah, can't you find a different line than "the sport of fitness has arrived?" Let's be real...it arrived two months ago. Tell me what's new...oh wait... that was so ten minutes ago.

Bottom line is this--Reebok will never universally be accepted as the CrossFit brand because it charges $60 for a t-shirt and the $30 Reebok callus shaver.

To commemorate this GLORIOUS occasion, I present to you the this shirt.*

* By no means do I endorse the product nor do I condone the misogynistic view or treatment of women

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Lauren G said...

First time I've seen this in the reebok advertising. Don't know where they got the line from but I know where I saw it first and it was on my USAFA Womens Lacrosse shirt back in the early 2000's. On our shirts it was funny. On this billboard it makes me throw up in my mouth.