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12 March 2012


On the elite warm-up...do you want to be ELITE?
500 m row
5 kb snatch/ arm (1 pd)
500 m row
5 kb snatch /arm (1.5 pd)
400 m stride
5 handstand pushups

Power Clean (185#)
Ring Dips


        In case anybody was wondering about my recovery, here's a short update. It's been about  5 weeks since the injury, and I'm finally out of immobilization and into a weight-bearing phase of recovery.

       Of course, this is not as cool as you think it sounds. I cannot yet walk on my foot as the tissue has not regrown enough to flex it to even a neutral position. But, little victories are key. I realized many things throughout my past month of soul searching. First, we  take for granted so many things that we do not have any way of knowing about. There is no fat left on pad of my heel making it very painful to bear weight (boot or no boot) for extended periods of time. When not in the boot, my foot lacks directional and lateral stability making it hard to stay balanced. I never realized how hard it would be to learn how to walk because it was always intrinsic when you are a baby. 
         Moreover, its impossible to know what you value until you are placed in a situation where you could beg for things you would normally throw away. At this point, if someone told me I could trade one thing in my life for another, I would say I would definitely trade wearing PT uniforms, using the elevator, not getting my room inspected, and not marching in formations for the ability to not only walk but go to selection and prove myself. It hangs on my mind a lot, and it depresses the hell out of me. 
         Nonetheless, the things that have kept me going is the thought that there are people out there who lose a lot more than I do, sustaining injuries that last a lifetime not just career long. So in that regard, I am extremely lucky, and it has pushed me to be way more resilient. Don't get me wrong, I don't roll out of bed every morning with a ear-to-ear grin and stroll around high on life, but I am extremely motivated to get better right now. Perhaps the thing we all need in life no matter how nebulous is a goal to orient our lives around. Goal oriented people always find a way. I spent the last night thinking about what my goals are now having had all mine swept from under me. I decided that its enough for me to wish to come back stronger than I did before. So here's my challenge to you. Spend the rest of the week finding a goal to wrap yourself around, and really dedicate yourself to that goal--whether its a career goal, fitness goal, or just a pursuit of happiness. Surround yourself with the resources to make this goal happen. If you want to chat about your goals, my door is always open. 

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