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13 March 2012


1 More Day until Recognition

400 m finisher (walk to just below sprint)
30 sec handstand hold
30 sec squat hold
500 m row
3-6 strict-kipping pullups

EMOTM for 20 Min
Odd Minutes--6 bar Muscle Ups (sub 5 pull-ups and 5 ring dips)
Even Minutes--30 double unders

15 Turkish Get-ups (as heavy as possible, no time constraint)

Recognition Warm-up (because we don't want any tendons snapping ;)   )--
50 push-ups
100 four count flutter kicks
50 air squats
Endless Knowledge!!! (May scale with Contrails assistance)

Alternate WOD for all on Pre-Recognition Tapers:
Death by Ball Slam (as seen on CrossFit Football)
On the first minute--1 ball slam
On the second--2 ball slams 
until you cannot complete the # on the # minute

For all of our non-cadet, non-USAFA warriors, Here's a brief description of Recognition is. After going through Basic Cadet Training and being introduced to the USAFA version of the military, freshman cadets are subjected to a 3 day adventure featuring lots of functional exercises and calisthenics. Any crossfitter would cream their pants just to get to experience it firsthand. Of course, though I cannot devulge much detail as to specifically what goes on, or I could go to jail or possibly get banned by USAFA. All I can tell you is that NO! you cannot bring your paleo food to Mitches because you won't get enough calories to sustain you, and NO you cannot have a break in between all the mayhem because we don't group by WODs. All I can say is they mess with your sanity and put you in a position to test your resolve and your ability to bounce back from adversity. Yeah, your typical CrossFit stuff...

Oh yeah, soo glad that nobody snapped their shit during WOD 12.3. I did, however, get to say "I told you so" to Drywall

Hopefully HQ will figure out that high rep Box jumps are a 1 way ticket to snap city

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