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28 April 2010

29 April. Squats. Then Nicole.

Tabata squats: 8 rounds of 20sec squat 10sec rest, score is lowest reps in any round.

Then Nicole:

As many rounds in 20 min of:

400m run
max pull ups

Keep count of all your pull ups....kip away!


ArmyMAJ said...

great motivation this AM! I got schooled on laps....

tabata squat score: 19 (tied PR)

Nicole: 8 laps, 106 pull ups

Zach said...

Tabata squat score: 17

Nicole: 10 laps, 92 pull-ups

bottabam bottaboom!

Rando said...

Tabata: 15

Nicole: 7 laps, 95 pull ups

Eric said...

Tabata: 16

Nicole: 8 laps, 72 pull-ups