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03 May 2010

3 MAY...D-DAY (a T. Nash adaptation)

D-DAY (adapted from Tony Nash, USMA 2010)For time. Partner up---totals are for partner team, can work at the same time (doesn’t have to be the same exercise):
120 x Pull ups-varied grips (partner assist as necessary, 1 muscle up = 5 pull ups; 1 rope climb = 5 pull ups)
200 x Push ups
200 x Sit ups
200 x Box jumps
100 x Burpees
100 x Squats
30 x Handstand push ups (sub with handstand hold 30 sec = 5 reps)
10 x Full length of Center Gym Sprints (1 = down-forward sprint, back backpeddle)
Finisher: 4 x Buddy drag length of Center Gym (1 = down full length)

Post your time!!


ArmyMAJ said...

team Majs Garman: 28:30

Maj G did more than drag me along on buddy drag...he carried the team load! did 5:1 on muscle ups

Eric said...

D and Hazel


Rando said...
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Rando said...



Zach said...


a solid 33:17