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01 March 2010

Tues, 1 Mar - Conga Line w/Bench Press & Pull-ups

From Journal Oct 2003.

Cadet Weight Room, 0550

Teams of 5.

5 rounds.

We will break up into groups and scale workouts at the beginning. We should picking weights (45, 65, 95, 135, 185 lbs) such that your max benchpress reps are equal to max pullups.

Set-up a bench, rack and bar near the pull-up bar. Line up the team and send the first athlete in to do max reps of bench as possible without racking or resting on the chest. Once spent immediately, but without running or rushing, he/she goes to the pull-up bar and performs a max set of pull-ups. As the first athlete completes his last bench press rep the second athlete readies to take his place. On finishing both his bench and pull-up reps the athlete goes back to the end of the line. The bench is never open for more than a few seconds and no one begins his pull-ups until the athlete ahead of him drops from the bar.

Teams will compile total reps completed.

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