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03 March 2010

4 Mar - Posterior Chain Reaction

Building on the Conga and apparent love for team workouts - we will have some fun with this one.

Team of 5.

5 Rounds for time
Clean x 15
Thruster x 15
Air squats x 15
Tunnel Run (tag the pipe)

We will start out with a very quick lesson on proper form for the 2 lifts and break into groups based on proficiency with movements. Also, look at the total amount of reps here - individuals can still find the prescribed intensity despite scaling back weights for your team's total ability. Weights will likely range from a 35lb to 75lb bar.

Line up the team and send the first athlete in to do cleans and thrusters. Once complete, the athlete steps forward, turns around, performs 15 air squats for everyone to admire, and hits the tunnel run. As the first athlete leaves the bar, the second athlete steps to the bar and follows the conga line. The round is complete and begins again when the first athlete gets to bar. There is no swapping of order during the workout only coaching/pushing the person in front of you.

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Falcon CrossFit said...

Good workout today - due to timing we scaled back to 10x10x10 for the 4th and 5th rounds.

For those interested in improving their form, take a look at:


Scroll down and open the short video of the "clean".