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08 March 2010

9 MAR - Squattin' Diane

Tomorrow’s workout is a challenging combination between last week's main site WOD and “Diane” within a fast paced conga line. This should be a good challenge.

Squattin’ Diane:

Teams of 3.

21-15-9 reps of:

Dumbell Deadlift (30lb-90lb dumbbells)

Overhead Squat (45lb-115lb bar)

Handstand Pushups (sub w/ a press if can’t do more than 7 when fresh)

Line up the team and send the first athlete in to do dumbbell deadlift. Once complete, the athlete steps forward, performs overhead squat, and goes into aerobics room to do handstand pushups. As the first athlete leaves the dumbbells, the second athlete steps to the dumbbells and follows the conga line. Again, there is no swapping of order during the workout only coaching/pushing the person in front of you.

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