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18 March 2010

March 18th: The Spring Breaking Part Deux

West Gym (all together)
-100 ea in-cadence squats
-30 sec diamond push ups + 30 secs regular push ups + 30 seconds wide push ups
-45 dips on the bleachers in cadence

West Gym (in partners)
-18 ea towel pull-ups (6 regular, 6 side, 6 side) ; 20 push-ups for breaks in sets; partner 50 box jumps, then plank; switch
-65 rocky sit ups—feet interlocked with partner
-100 ea 4 count flutter kick, partner wall sit; switch
-12 pull-up/burpees; partner tabata squats; switch
-5 handstand push-ups/handstand hold; partner crabwalk down and back; switch

Center Gym (individually)
-shuttle run length of gym
-1 min bicycle
-towel buddy drag length of gym; switch
-1 min clock push-ups
-lateral shuffle to half court, sprint remainder; lateral shuffle to half court, sprint remainder
-20 towel shoulder extensions; switch
-20 partner resisted/assisted diamond push-ups

Looked like most teams finished around the 40 min mark. For those that embarked, feel justified in wearing your bad-A shark's tooth neckless on Spring Break.

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